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What is Restorative Medicine?

What is Restorative Medicine?


Meet Dr Phil Boyle, Developer of Neo Fertility and fertility doctor  member of the Irish Fertility Society and President of the International Institute of Restorative Reproductive Medicine

I was keen to talk Dr Phil about his restorative approach to fertility treatment which can significantly improve your chances of natural conception.  About a 1/3 of the couples who visit Neo Fertility have tried and failed IVF and 20-25% are told IVF is the next step. He feels strongly that he doesn’t think people are aware of the new things that can be done when you are trying to conceive. 

So what is this new treatment?

It’s called Restorative Reproductive Medicine (RRM) and has been found to help 1 in 3 couples conceive after being faced with fertility issues.

Dr Phil talks about how they have couples come to visit having had up to 8 repeated failed attempts at IVF, up to 10 miscarriages, 17 years of infertility and severe reduced ovarian reserve who have all had successful treatment in our clinic. Neo Fertility can even assist with severe male factor with sperm counts as low as 0.1 million per ml and DFI (DNA Fragility Index) of 46%.


The approach needs to combine diet, nutrition and supplements such as proceive. We talked about common pro-inflammatory foods – dairy, wheat, sugar – too much and how if you are overloading on problem foods it is going to impact your fertility health, also it can often be overlooked that people may have multivitamin deficiency


As hard as it is to hear, Dr Phil was talking about accepting and surrendering to something that is unpleasant. He said ‘Today is the day we’re going to drop that burden because we want to get success and carrying it is going to hinder us. Here’s how we live with the trauma and move to acceptance’ Neo Fertility focus on self-help techniques as well as counselling.

Dr Phil explains how you have to recognise the emotional trauma of subfertility is right up there with bereavement


Neo work with women who are older and has recently helped a 43 year old woman get pregnant with her own egg. The understanding of the advancing female age is key as there is an expected decline in fertilty however the expected live birth rate for the older group is higher. The findings from Dr Phil’s paper published in July 2018, offer fresh hope for women hoping to have children later in life, as the women featured in the study had an average age of 37.


Dr Phil made an interesting point about how IVF treats infertility.  Neo Fertility believe infertility is a chronic condition IVF treats it like an acute condition in that there are many elements to the treatment process 

I also wanted to share this video from Neo about there being hope for a bad egg  

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