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What is progesterone hypersensitivity?

What is progesterone hypersensitivity?

How are you doing?  Hopefully, you are coping and taking things a day at a time, which we feel is the best approach. Somedays you are acing it and others… maybe not so and that is just fine! We’re doing out best to keep sharing out content and hopefully, you know by now, We’re passionate about sharing real-life stories to bring fertility struggles to life.

So meet Kate Pleace who, like Podcast Kate, is a fertility nurse. Kate used to work at Bourne Hall Fertility Clinic in Colchester and found herself on the other side of the consulting room facing early menopause. Kate and her husband decided on egg donation and their treatment was successful first time.

             Kate Pleace, Fertility Nurse

Progesterone Hypersensitivity

Kate started progesterone treatment to help support the developing pregnancy but unfortunately, things took a surprising turn when Kate became ill as a result of the rare condition Progesterone Hypersensitivity.  Kate and her husband made the difficult decision to stop her progesterone therapy and unfortunately miscarried a few weeks later.

The impact on physical and emotional health

Kate’s physical and emotional recovery took months and Kate felt consumed with grief, all the while she was still working. Eventually Kate sort help and advice from a specialist. This helped with many of her unanswered questions and how the progesterone treatment affected her both physically and mentally during the treatment. Kate recommends that if you’re concerned about any symptoms, however minor, it’s important to reach out to your clinic for help and advice.

Moving forward

Kate has now reached a really positive place in her life, and despite not having children her life is full of so many wonderful things. She says that her experience has made her a stronger person and she’s now doing things that she would have never done before.

It is important to note that Progesterone Hypersensitivity to the degree that Kate experienced it is very rare.

If you have any concerns about this, please speak to your clinic. Plus, do you have a story to tell? Have you gone through something more unusual? If so, please reach out to us, as we would love to hear and tell your story email 

Definition: Progesterone Hypersensitivity is a rare disorder that has been scarcely, but worldwide reported. Symptoms can range from skin conditions such as uticaria and dermatitis, to more severe reactions such as anxiety, weight loss, gastric and vasomotor symptoms.


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