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Stem cells, in vitro gametogenesis and male fertility

Stem cells, in vitro gametogenesis and male fertility

Reconstitution in culture of biological processes, such as differentiation and organization, is a key challenge in regenerative medicine, and one in which stem cell technology plays a central role. Pluripotent stem cells and spermatogonial stem cells are useful materials for reconstitution of germ cell development in vitro, as they are capable of differentiating into gametes. Reconstitution of germ cell development, termed in vitro gametogenesis, will provide an experimental platform for a better understanding of germ cell development, as well as an alternative source of gametes for reproduction, with the potential to cure infertility. Since germ cells are the cells for ‘the next generation’, both the culture system and its products must be carefully evaluated. In this issue, we summarize the progress in in vitro gametogenesis, most of which has been made using mouse models, as well as the future challenges in this field.

Source: The journal of Reproductive Science

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