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Secondary Infertility – is three my magic number?

Secondary Infertility – is three my magic number?

Secondary Infertility is the elephant in the room.

I’m working on another episode talking about Secondary Infertility and I wanted to put out a quick call out to see whether it’s something you’ve found yourself struggling with and would like to speak more about it with me.

I do feel full of guilt talking about this.  I have a beautiful little boy who turns 3 in a few months, but I can’t help but want to talk about it. What I’ve learnt from starting to admit this, is that I’m not alone and the responses I’ve had echo my guilt.

The women who have reached out to me have admitted to struggling daily with the ‘what happens next’. So, what is the right way to feel about this?

I’ve written a couple of other posts on this, my first was for The Huffington Post and more recently I also shared my feelings on Selfish Mother 

I spoke to an old friend last night who is expecting number two, her first is under two and she fell pregnant pretty easily both times. I asked her to send me a picture of her growing bump as I’ve not seen her since she told me she was pregnant. She admitted to so far not taking any pictures of herself. “You need to catalogue number two” I said, somewhat exasperated. I know, I know how busy we are. All of my friends who have to manage a toddler whilst expecting their second have all confessed to not really giving this pregnancy much thought..

I can’t help but think how different I would be. I loved taking the weekly pictures of my bump first time around and I’d love to do that again. My pal last night also told me she wakes up in the morning and forgets she’s pregnant. Does life get in the way so much that this is possible. Can a pregnancy be taken for granted, surely not.

If you are dealing with secondary infertility, please reach out. I’ve covered it in a couple of podcast episodes so far, like managing your emotions when you hear a #2 pregnancy announcement  to going through treatment to have a second here 

Please email me if you fancy a chat about it xx


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