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       Tom and Katie

Meet Katie and Tom, who have been together since December 2011. They fell pregnant naturally in January 2015 and then married in April 2015, unfortunately, two weeks before the wedding, at their 12 week scan the couple had found out that the baby they went to see for the first time and very excited about had no heartbeat, they’d had a missed miscarriage

One year later Katy fell pregnant again but suffered another loss, which was a blighted ovum and it was at this point Katie discovered the TTC Community to hear other people’s stories and find support. Katie explains “the strength I gained from some of the battles these women had gone through to get their dream was inspiring to me and has given me the determination  to never give up, given this new-found optimism we were ready for our first round of IVF ”

The couple we diagnosed with unexplained infertility and were optimistic about the IVF procedure. So far they haven’t had success with a failed cycle and failed frozen embryo transfer ( FET ) however as they continue on their journey, they came up with making IVF socks company, to document each stage of the process and add a little bit of fun to the situation.

That’s really what these socks are all about. Katie says “Remember what will be will be. so try and enjoy the journey rather than worry about it. That’s how I view things now.”

The pair are about to go through another FET and would like to offer a discount to anyone listening to their story.
Visit their website to get a discount using this code FP25


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