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“MEET THE MAKERS” From Secondary infertility to twins and fertility supplements

“MEET THE MAKERS” From Secondary infertility to twins and fertility supplements

Welcome to my new series ‘Meet the Makers’ where I’ll be speaking to people whose fertility struggle has lead them to create a business.

Out of something shit comes something awesome with my guests as they decide to help others after not being able to find the product, the support, the love they needed when it mattered.

       Sarita and Tim Heard

Sarita and Tim Heard we were told they had unexplained fertility issues, when Sarita was 37. The couple had already had a child, yet number two was taking a while and on talking to the medical professionals, Sarita was told she was just getting old, yet could see her friends around her having child number two or three. 

The pair ended up in a situation where they were following tests and procedures which took about four years until they fell pregnant with twins.

Sarita explained how they pair internalised everything as there was no avenue to talk, that they just shared it with each other.

Sarita explained how she would look around and every time she heard of someone getting pregnant, she’d find out what they did, from diet to alternative therapies and when it came to finding a clinic they just googled ‘best fertility doctor in London’

Tim talked about the relief he felt once they found the right professionals to help them yet outside of the fertility environment it was very difficult to talk to friends. The couple also explained how they weren’t happy with the first clinic they went to, so moved to Guys and St Thomas which they described as being like a new world with amazing people who told them everything they needed to know

How did Bud come to be? 

Tim – had some quiet time at work and talked about through their experience, they’d learnt a lot about nutrition. He talked about how going through this ‘the experience stays with you’

They decided to start a blog and build forums and look at products as they’d met some nutritionists and Tim described how he went to The Fertility Show and met a gynaecologist who’s opinion he asked about making a line of supplement and was suprised to be told that it was a great idea.

How did Bud evolve? 

The pair talk about how this is of course a male female issue and something they have personally lived through. Tim explained, if it was difficult to find info for the female it was more difficult of the men and how the last thing a man wants to do is get a sperm test, it’s like getting detention. They felt what was out there was bland and felt it it was obvious to create something interesting. The brand  has certainly been affected by the rise of Instagram

We started looking at adaptogensnatural ingredients, food based, the most famous and popular of which is Peruvian MACA which has been through a boom and has had white papers written on it. Muira puama and Ashwaganda are other  key ingredients and you can see the full list of ingredients in Bud supplements here 

Bud Fertility works with Dr Adam Cuniliffe

 The A-Z guide to Fertility

It’s a one-stop pick up journal that covers not everything to do with fertility but key important relevant facts – in a fun engaging, now way, which rather than being stayed and clinical looks good. It contains nutrition, recipes, peoples stories and journeys to talk about TTC

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