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Meet the Makers – Fertilibox

Meet the Makers – Fertilibox

Here’s another taster of the Talk Fertility show I’m currently hosting on with Kate Davies, where we spoke to founders of Fertilbox, Natasha and Jessica 

Meet sisters Natasha and Jessica

Kate and I have caught up with the sisters as part of our ‘Meet the Maker’s series about the inspiration behind their new and exciting fertility monthly subscription box service.

FertiliBox is the essential, personally tailored, monthly subscription box for every woman trying to conceive or even getting fertility ready. Each FertiliBox will be filled to the brim with natural and (wherever possible) organic, fertility-friendly and fertility-enhancing products across 4 categories: Health, Beauty & Grooming, Nutrition and Happiness.

Natasha was diagnosed with PCOS in her teens and started trying to conceive in her late 20’s.

After no success, Natasha and her partner started to look into treatments. Natasha developed OHSS and then a failed cycle.  Her second cycle resulted in an early miscarriage.  They made the decision to move clinics as she was told her clinic couldn’t help her, whilst this was a  difficult decision to move clinics its really important to change clinics if you don’t feel confident in the care you’re receiving.

Jess talks about how she found it difficult to fully appreciate what Natasha was going through and the difficulties surrounding Jess being pregnant and at the same time Natasha having another failed IVF cycle.

Egg Donation

Natasha explained how she started researching all the things she could do to improve egg quality – removing toxins, changing her diet and seeking advice from a nutritionist. After testing for chromosome abnormalities she was told that the tests showed she had a chromosomal abnormality that meant the chances of her having a successful pregnancy or having a child born without severe abnormalities was extremely low. Therefore the only option was to consider donor egg but this was something she and her partner found difficult to accept.

Jess offered to be Natasha’s egg donor. Some of Natasha’s and Jess’s friends found this concept difficult to understand. 

Fertilibox launches

Direct correlation between using toxins and chemicals and a reduction in fertility. This was the inspiration behind Fertilibox as the girls found it difficult to find healthier options and wanted to find great alternatives.

Boxes contain beautiful products for subscribers but also tailored fertility information from expert fertility experts. The first Fertilibox has launched early July 2019. Fertilibox ‘for men’ launches 2020.

Visit their website here and to hear more of my ‘Maker’s click here 


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