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Love podcasts?

Love podcasts?

OK, so I’m going to be honest here.. making this podcast takes up a fair bit of my time and I don’t get paid for it. I make it because I know it makes a difference. You email me and tell me it does and for that I feel very privileged.

This year sees the 40th anniversary of IVF  and the fourth anniversary of this podcast. I can’t quite believe it’s been so long since I found myself in this world, needing to have fertility treatment to start our family and then making the decision to create The Fertility Podcast. However it has been nothing short of enlightening.

I’ve now published 128 episodes, have had almost 150,000 downloads and am listened to in over 50 countries. I can’t believe it. I have spoken to so many fascinating people both experts and everyday folk, all sadly sharing ‘infertility’ as our bond.

In the time since I launched the podcast, our acknowledgement of listening to this kind of audio has changed. More of us are tuning in to podcasts, getting access from iTunes, Spotify, Acast, Stitcher, Soundcloud. Tune In Radio, iHeart Radio as well as a host of other podcast platforms. The Fertility Podcast is available on all of these and you can now also ask your smart speaker to do it for you, as you’ll see me excitedly share below.

Podcasts are niche – 79% of adults in the UK say they download podcasts per week – around 4.7 million people however more and more people are starting to make audio content and the market is becoming more crowded which is good thing, right? Well yes, of course – however there are  very few podcasters who make a living from what they do.  Many see it as a hobby and spend time recording and editing episodes.

Last year I started to work with sponsors and I’m really looking forward to some exciting new collaborations with others in the fertility world which are happening in 2018. But now I’m asking for your support as well.

To continue to make this content and make it even better, I’m inviting you to become a patron of The Fertility Podcast. You will get access to all sorts of benefits depending on how you choose to support me. From a shout out in the show to access to fertility meditation and coming soon, my ebook. Plus if you are a business with something interesting to share, there’s sponsorship opportunities available.

If you think of buying me a coffee a month, then we’re onto a good thing.. you can choose how much you want to spoil me by having a look here

Your support means the world and I thank you and hope to continue to fill your earholes with useful stuff!!

Thank you  xx


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