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Lockdown food and drink tips from Melanie Brown, Nutritionist

Lockdown food and drink tips from Melanie Brown, Nutritionist

Mel Brown and I at Fertility Fest last year

Today I did a great insta live at fertilitypoddy  with Melanie Brown who you can also follow on instagram @melaniebrownnutritionist to  see some of her fabulous recipies and get her advice.

I wanted to ask her from some tips to help us stick to our guns during lock down when it comes to what we are eating and drinking.

Mel gave five tips:

  1. If you’re going to drink, drink  in moderation and drink the good stuff eg. good quality wine or craft beer  and suggested having a look at Savage Wines Pull the Cork, Pure Wines, Smashing Wines
  2. Frozen fish  – don’t overlook the fish in the freezer as it’s frozen on the ships and makes great meals, fishcakes, curries, fish finger wraps and you can buy frozen herbs which you can make herb butters and oils and check out and Sheer Luxe 10 ways with chopped tomatoes!
  3. Store cupboard items – tomatoes, olives, anchovies, capers – all make pasta sauce so much more interesting
  4. Protein – if you eat chicken, buy whole, ideally corn fed and be creative. Buy turkey mince and other excellent organic meat and sustainable fish from here  If you are vegetarian or vegan Mel recommended these sites Goodness Foods and Goodness Foods  and Clear Spring 
  5. We talked about eating the rainbow, so making your plates as pretty as possible and how great watercress is with Mels Egg and Sperm salad ( check out her profile for it ) . Mel gave a source for ordering watercress online too  
  6. Stay hydrated
  7. Don’t snack… did you know that when you snack it stops the good bacteria from working and your microbiome has a big impact on your fertility! Your body needs 5 or 6 hours between meals. Fascinating.
  8. Check out The Conscientious Cook on Instagram for more ideas


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