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Kisspeptin as a biomarker for miscarriage: let's wait!

Kisspeptin as a biomarker for miscarriage: let’s wait!
The search for novel prognostic tests is always a hot topic. Prognostic markers are biological characteristics that are objectively measured and evaluated to predict the course of a condition or a response to a therapeutic intervention among patients with the same characteristic. Sullivan-Pyke et al. added kisspeptin to this list (1). Kisspeptins are peptides derived from the KISS1 gene, located on chromosome 1q32-q41. This gene encodes a 145-amino acid peptide referred to as kisspeptin. The peptide products of the KISS1 gene can be hydrolyzed into a variety of truncated fragments: kisspeptin-54 (metastin, 54 amino acids), kisspeptin-14 (14 amino acids), kisspeptin-13 (13 amino acids), and kisspeptin-10 (10 amino acids) (2).

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