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IVF Bootcamp

IVF Bootcamp

        Mr Mohammed Taranissi

The ARGC is a divisive clinic and one I’ve always been intrigued to understand more about so in this episode Kate and I speak with  Medical Director, Mr Mohammed Taranissi who talks about ‘IVF Boot camp’, how they manage male factor infertility, and why he feels that the IVF clinics success rates on the HFEA website are misleading.

You can also hear my chat with HFEA to find out how patients can navigate their website to help them choose the right clinic for them and discusses the contentious issue of IVF Add-ons.

 The ARGC website states that 75% of patients come to the ARGC after having failed cycles elsewhere. Mr Taranissi says that in reality, it is more likely 80-85% patients that are attracted following repeated failures elsewhere.

The ARGC is sometimes referred to as ‘The IVF Boot camp’. Cycles are all carefully monitored and changes made as required to maximise the outcome. The intensive monitoring is suitable for couples who have had repeated failed cycles.

The ARGC address male issues before starting treatment, particularly in giving lifestyle advice. However, ICSI is generally the course of treatment but patients are assessed on an individual basis.

The ARGC offers support in the form of patients understanding their condition and what the ARGC can do differently for them that may not have been done before.

ARCG pregnancy rates for under 35 is 80.2% .

HFEA has not updated their success rates in many years and Mr Taranissi feels this is misleading and confusing to patients.

Mr Taranissi recommends considering Live Birth success rates by age groups and by per cycle started. Consider the most up to date results to make an informed decision.

Patients coming to ARGC predominantly have implantation issues. This is an area of focus for Mr Taranissi.

Mr Taranissi feels that the science and procedures behind IVF has moved on considerably in the last 40 years and that IVF is no longer a taboo.

Natalie also talks to the HFEA about their role and how patients can navigate their new website to find the information they need. Patients can find information and resources to help them choose a clinic based on 3 ratings – Inspection rating, patient rating and IVF Birth rate.

The ‘Choose a Clinic’ page on the HFEA website is the only place where all the information on birth rates are compared in the same way, making it easier for patients to make informed decisions.

The HFEA uses a traffic light system to explain the benefits and risks of IVF Add-ons based on the strength of evidential research.

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