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The Tea Break Pod

  • Tea for two and two for tea..
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  • Oh Can’t you see, how happy we can be…….

Grab your self a cuppa and listen to our first ever Tea Break Pod, where we will be sharing general musings, chatting about what’s happening in the fertility world and answering your questions.

What’s happening

Kate asks Natalie about her exciting new initiative called Fertility Matters at Work which you can follow on insta  @fertilitymattersatwork Natalie has teamed up with Becky Kearns @definingmum and @ivfatwork

with the aim of raising awareness about your fertility experiences at work – regarding what’s happening in your workplace how supported are you and what needs to change? The project will then be going into workplaces with training offerings to HR professionals and management. Please do support all you can by sharing your thoughts, experiences and stories on insta, plus you can send also send videos of voice notes directly to

Natalie spoke about a new collaboration between @ivfbabble is and @twodadsuk in raising awareness of the LGBTQ community and also UK Surrogacy for same sex couples. Both already have an amazing reach and together it’s going to rocket and hopefully find even more people!

While you’re enjoying your cuppa, take a look @thekitschhen and her scrummy Biscuit cakes.

Kate answers your burning fertility questions

Harriet asks what she can do to control her lean PCOS? Kate recommends Harriet tries the supplement Inositol to regulate her cycle, promote good egg quality, reduce her PCOS symptoms and promote ovulation. If Harriet is underweight, Kate recommends she makes sure her BMI is normal as a low BMI may be the cause of anovulation.

Suzy asks should she take time off work after embryo transfer? Kate says that it’s important to listen to your body. If you’re feeling exhausted after all your treatment then taking some time off may be just what you need. Alternatively, some women find that working during the two-week wait is a good distraction. Be guided by your body.

Karen asks how she can thicken her uterine lining. IVF treatments and Clomid for example may cause a thin lining. Kate recommends enjoying moderate exercise, reduce caffeine and avoid allergy medication if you can. Acupuncture and fertility massage may help to improve uterine lining. Finally, one research study showed that the supplements Vitamin E and L-Arginine may help to improve uterine lining thickening.


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