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How to find the right products when #TTC

How to find the right products when #TTC

Dr Fertility has been created by Dr Lucy Buckley (qualified pharmacist) and Kobi McCardle (previous Ecommerce Director) offer couples who are trying to conceive a one stop destination for; simplified, trusted and evidence-based fertility information, products and tools, to help maximise their chances of getting pregnant.

They are passionate about raising awareness of infertility, eliminate the taboo, answering questions and empowering couples to take control of their fertility journey. Dr Fertility, a long with Kate Davies, founder of Your Fertiltiy Journey –  have devised a ‘Get Pregnancy Fit Guide’.

You’ll hear Dr Fertility talk about the inspiration behind their business and how they struggled to find accurate, reliable information about fertility. They strongly believed that by combining their previous career experiences they could provide couples with the information they need and can trust.

We discusses how when searching for fertility products such as supplements many people trust what they read online but often the quality is not there. Dr Fertility review all their products and provide balanced information so couples can make informed decisions.

Their website provides a platform for wherever you are in your fertility journey but particularly for couples who have just started to try and conceive

They have created a 5 step guide for couples wanting to get pregnant. Make positive changes 3-6 months before wanting to try and conceive.

Step 1 Prepare Your Body – also includes occupations that may affect sperm health. Hot hands and thick thighs = poor quality sperm – unproven theory!

Step 2 Get Cycle Savvy – educational campaign. Questionnaire to find out how much women really know about their cycles. Showed lack of knowledge. Dr Fertility used the answers to devise videos to answer the questions and provide education. Gap in natural fertility education.

Unexplained infertility diagnosis – the guide provides you with the educational information and advice on the right products for you but also looks at the emotional burden.

By 12 months 80% of couples will conceive – importance of regular sex and problems to do with busy lives. Fem Tech can help women identify when they ovulate and the fertile days in a cycle.

The guide addresses male issues such as frequency of sex to maintain healthy sperm and pressure to perform at the fertile time.

To find out more visit their website


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