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How do you choose a fertility clinic abroad?

How do you choose a fertility clinic abroad?

How do you know how to choose the right IVF clinic when going abroad? 

From logistics of having treatment in another country to the differences in legislation,there’s a lot to think about however and we wanted to highlight some of the support available.

In this episode, we chat to two companies whose whole purpose is to support women and couples who are considering looking abroad for IVF and to help them navigate many of these challenges.

Emma and Adam Haslam

Meet Emma Haslam, another Meet the Makers chat which is where we speak to someone who has created something, ie. a business out of their TTC experience.

Emma and her husband Adam ( and you’ll hear about the hilarious way Emma and Adam first met!) have recently set up, a concierge and information support service for women and couples considering embarking on IVF abroad. They realised, after when looking at clinics abroad themselves, that there was little information and support out there for couples whom were considering IVF Abroad.

Emma talked about how she feels that logistics is a big factor in why people are put off in seeking IVF abroad and this is where takes away some of this stress.

Emma says that success rates and care standards are also a concern. The clinics that Emma suggests and works with are ones that are regulated by the ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) located in the EU. The ISO makes sure that all clinics comply with regulatory requirements.

Emma and Adam offer clients a free, non-obligatory consultation initially and if they wish to continue they are offered 3 clinics based on their individual requirements. Clinic consultations are then set up and Emma and Adam help with filling out paperwork, arranging tests within the UK, assist in understanding the treatment timetable and prescriptions. They source flights and accommodation, even arranging complementary therapies such as acupuncture.

Next we spoke to Aleksander Wiecki from IVF Media who is the co-founder of a new IVF guide and website on European Clinics called

Aleksander Wiecki

The guide is an intensive resource currently including eight European Countries and covers the importance of properly understanding clinic success rates. The guide helpfully makes reference to success rate data between countries, collected from the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE), rather than individual clinics. The main aim of the ESHRE is to promote interest in, and understanding of, reproductive biology and medicine. It also provides guidance that enhances safety and quality assurance in clinical and laboratory procedures and collaborates with politicians and policy makers throughout Europe.

Costs and the time frame for treatment are other common questions patients have when considering treatment abroad, however, Alek feels that understanding the gaining a good understanding of the clinician’s specialism is vitally important.

The main reason for writing the guide is to explain the differing legislation in each country and also clinic policy. This includes the differences regarding age of the woman, same sex relationships, single women and anonymity regarding donors.


Emma and Adam have kindly offered 10% discount on quoting FP10

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