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How do I manage my faith when struggling to conceive?

How do I manage my faith when struggling to conceive?

Dr Veronique Berman, Scientific Advisor

Meet Veronique Berman, Scientific Advisor for Chana a leading Jewish Support Charity both nationwide and internationally. 

It works to support couples dealing with primary, secondary infertility, miscarriage and loss and well as supporting and advising on genetic issues, such as PGD and also  Fertility preservation

It covers a wide range of reproductive health issues within the Jewish community and is very much focused on the family

This was the first of what we hope will be more conversations talking about faith and fertility, finding out what issues we have to overcome when our faith is tested.

Within the Jewish faith, we put a big emphasis on festivals where families come together and of course conversations and questions arise that are obviously challenging when you are struggling to conceive. Whilst some couples are getting more comfortable talking about it, the majority aren’t so it is important to signpost people to those they can speak in confidence with.

Chana runs programmes for Rabbis, to train them on the most recent treatments and developments infertility treatment so people will then have the reassurance their Rabbi will understand

Veronique and I also discussed the issues around the practice of ritual bathing when it comes to monitoring your cycle and Kate gives her feedback on the importance of remembering how different our cycles our. 

When it comes to men and fertility, Chana have male support workers as there is such a difficulty of getting men to speak and we also discussed a book that Chana have published called  ‘Unexpecting’  in which the theme of ‘un-expecting’ embraces all sorts of unexpected challenges that life can throw at us. Along with infertility there is also bereavement, illness, divorce, mental health issues and trauma to name a few.  These stories are told by 40 men and women from across the Jewish community, some anonymous and many not, and share a range of life-changing issues and insights how they have coped in the face of unexpected challenges.

Books are available to purchase from Chana, RRP £24.99. Please call 020 8203 8455 

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