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How can we understand more about male infertility?

How can we understand more about male infertility?

Today it’s my son Phoenix’s 5th Birthday! Phoenix is my inspiration for making this podcast and without getting to soppy, he’s my reason why.

He’s also the reason why I put a bit emphasis on talking about male factor infertility issues as we have personal experience of it.  If you are struggling with male fertility issues and feeling extremely isolated and alone, please do check out some of my previous episodes talking to men sharing their experiences, the online support that is available and experts in male infertility helping you understand more.  

In this episode, we interview Dr Tharu Tharakan who is based at Hammersmith Hospital and is doing research into male infertility.

We want to help Tharu recruit more men into his study, so this is a call to action. We’ve mentioned his study before and are chuffed to say Tharu has already recruited many men who are suffering with male factor infertility from our shout outs.

Now, however, he needs 40 men who have had children and 20 men who haven’t yet had children but have normal semen parameters. So if you fit the bill or have friends or colleagues who do PLEASE PLEASE share this podcast. 

To take part, you would need to be willing to visit Hammersmith hospital for around 30-60 minutes. You will have a consultation,  have some blood taken and be asked to produce a sperm sample.  You would also receive lifestyle advice on optimising your fertility. You need to abstain from sex for 2 days before attending for your appointment.

The sample would be investigated for DNA Fragmentation and Reactive Oxygen Species. Unique to this test, your sample would also be investigated for the microbiome. The test is not currently available on the NHS or privately. This test is particularly interesting, as it is thought that the bacterial make up of sperm, might be a contributing factor to why men are struggling. Microbiome may help to identify a cause for male factor infertility and drive treatment in the future. So this is super exciting!

As an incentive to take part, the study is offering £75 to all men who are recruited with normal sperm parameters or have conceived naturally. There is an age cut off of 45 years to take part in this study and Tharu needs to recruit this cohort of men as soon as possible.

So, f you are interested in taking part or know someone who might be.  Feel free to contact Tharu on his email


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