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How a clinic can support you with donor conception or surrogacy

How a clinic can support you with donor conception or surrogacy

Natalie and Kate chat to Francesca Steyn – Head of Nursing at the CRGH – Centre for Reproductive and Genetic Health in London. Francesca is involved with the Sperm, Egg and Embryo Donation (SEED) Trust and she talks to Natalie and Kate about the ‘minefield’ that is surrogacy and how patients considering this option can get the information, guidance and support they need.

When we interviewed Francesca she has just been nominated for Surrogacy Professional of the Year 2019 – an accolade she won in 2018, and we are delighted to announce that Francesca has been awarded this again for 2019! Congratulations Francesca!

Francesca leads the nursing team at the CRGH but also leads on Clinical Governance and Quality as well as managing the Surrogacy Programme. Francesca has worked in the field of surrogacy for a number of years and has seen huge growth in surrogacy in the UK. Clinics are a lot more aware of surrogacy services then previously.

For people considering surrogacy, Francesca recommends finding a clinic that has experience in surrogacy. The HFEA website provides more information on this and the important things to look out for are –  if the clinic has a dedicated surrogacy team, how long have they offered surrogacy,  do they provide open days etc.

Legal considerations can be complex but the CRGH have very detailed protocols to follow to make sure that all steps are followed.

The SEED Trust provides unbiased and independent support and guidance for anyone considering surrogacy. The website has information and resources for intended parents and donors. 

Making the decision to seek surrogacy at home or abroad. Francesca has seen a change in that patients are considering surrogacy in the UK rather than seeking help abroad, mainly because of greater availability in the UK and more support and resources.

LGBTQ community has increased since law changes in 2010. There is a huge amount of support for surrogacy among the LBGTQ community from various organisations and networks.

More work needs to be done to normalise and raise awareness of surrogacy among the Heterosexual community.

Main challenges to overcome when making Modern Families – the need for more awareness and greater funding. Individuals currently need to fund their own treatment and this is a barrier to many people creating their family.

Francesca is involved in Fertility Preservation training with the Royal College of Nursing and BICA.

In the UK we have a shortage of donors and Francesca urges people who may be considering this to come forward to find out about what’s involved in donating.



Francesca Steyn


SEED Trust



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