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Ep116: As you head into your sixth IVF cycle, what do you do?

Ep116: As you head into your sixth IVF cycle, what do you do?

I first heard Sophie talking about her IVF journey on BBC Radio 4. I was stood in the kitchen with my hubby and we were both intrigued in what she was going to share.. in our chat, Sophie explains her decision to share with the public her sixth cycle of IVF and how along with her husband Jonny, they are both now openly speaking out about their infertility journey.

Sophie Sulheria

                       Sophie Sulehria

Sophie was diagnosed  with premature ovarian failure and stage four endometriosis after a year of trying to conceive.  Before the Endometriosis was diagnosed, she was diagnosed with IBS and potential Chrones disease and was also sent to CBT as they thought the pain was in her mind. 

Sophie and Jonny decided to pay to go private and one scan showed Sophie had cysts, giving her the Endometriosis diagnosis and she  ended up having two laparoscopy’s and was told they were giong to struggle to conceive naturally. 

Sophie talked through how every single round just got worse and worse. She talked about the whirlwind of IVF and the reason the pair want a family is because they are in love and we want to have a family with each other…

Sophie was so honest and open in our chat that I can’t do it justice in these notes. When she said ‘The infertility journey wipes each dream away’ I had a lump in my throat and I love that she has on her website ‘Fertility Champion’. Have a look and listen to her previous stories that she has shared here 

You can also follow her on twitter here 

In our chat I also referred to a few other episodes, Sophie had mentioned how Jonny had joined a male only facebook group which is run by Gareth Down a former guest on this podcast. You can here our chat and find out about Gareth’s group here 

I also talked about my Christmas Day episode with Ivary who offer a home testing kit to check your ovarian reserve which you can listen to here 

Also please do join my new closed facebook group and we can carry on this conversation xxx


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