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EP 98: Understand more about using a donor to start your family

EP 98: Understand more about using a donor to start your family

Using a donor to start your family, is a lot to get your head around.

Nina Barnsley, Director, Donor Conception Network

I’ve been keen to give you an insight and am delighted to welcome Nina Barnsley, Director of the Donor Conception Network (DCN) to explain how the organisation.

Celebrating its 25th anniversary next year, the DCN has grown extensively and provides essential support to  those who have found they need a donor to complete their family.

It’s origins lie with two families who after having treatment at the same centre, decided to write a book about their experiences over 20 years ago, how they decided to go against the norm and not stay quiet about using a donor, which was the adivce at the time. Over the past two decades the DCN has embraced this principal of openness and grown from strength to strength.

Nina explains how they work hosting a wide range of events for members to meet others in a similar situation as well as how much emphasis is placed on children and being open with them about their origins.

From events and workshops to personal stories and letter for you to use as templates there is a mass of information to help you feel less overwhelmed on your journey.

I also spoke to as Eleanor and Tom, a couple who share their struggle to conceive after Tom was diagnosed with azoospermia.

The pair had to use a sperm donor and what it was like going through the process of making that decision and the choosing one. They also share how their infertility has affected their lives, how Eleanor has given up work and how they’ve felt isolated from their friends.

Despite all the downs in their journey so far, Eleanor and Tom talk about how they have found amazing support within the DCN and whilst they’re still working out what their next steps will be,  you’ll hear have an amazing bond between them. Eleanor is an artist and I’ve featured a picture in these show notes. She’s sadly not painting at the moment but you can see more of her work here 

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