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EP 96: Introducing the new HFEA website

EP 96: Introducing the new HFEA website

The new HFEA Website

Jo Triggs, Kathleen Sarsfield Watson, Juliet Tizzard (LtoR)

The new look HFEA website intends to make your search for information regarding fertility treatment as straight forward as possible. With a clear navigation from choosing a fertility clinic to explaining what treatments are available to you, hopefully you’ll find it less overwhelming then before.

To be honest – you’re going to find this whole process challenging. After all you’re having to educate yourself on an area that you probably never even thought about.

So, rest assured you have a trustworthy resource to guide you through coming to terms with infertility and hopefully what you’ll hear in this episode will also make using the website really straight forward.

When you first visit the site and click on the choose a fertility clinic link there’s a good animation to explain more – see below.

In this podcast episode we also discuss giving patient feedback on your experience, if you’ve had treatment within the last 12 months, also if you’ve have ‘add ons’ and would like to talk about your experience of what you were offered, or what you would have liked to have been offered.

To find out more about the website and to fill in the patient feedback forms click here 

You can also follow the HFEA on twitter here 

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