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EP 95: Dealing with early menopause and failed IVF

EP 95: Dealing with early menopause and failed IVF

Dealing with early menopause is the topic of my latest episode in a chat with a lovely lady, who we’ll call by her twitter handle ‘Post IVF’ as that’s what she’d prefer. 

We met on twitter a few months ago, where I know so many of us share where we’re at. I hope if you’ve just started looking into your fertility and looking online, you’ve found the online fertility community as well as all the literature available from the experts.

I’m a big believer in hearing other people’s stories as a kind of therapy. I feel privileged to be in a position to talk to people and I hope that those i talk to, get a sense os satisfaction from sharing their story, knowing as I do – if one person feels less alone from this episode we’ve all done well.

Post IVF has a heartbreakingly honest blog as as you’ll hear us discuss I first read about her journey in July 2017. At that point I was struck with how much she’d already had to deal with.

Diagnosed with early menopause as a teen she then had to work through all that comes with puberty – by seeing it all around her and not having the physical signs.

As she explained it made her feel ‘odd’ and she struggled a lot. Post IVF shares how resourceful she was regarding finding out more information about what she was going through, at a time where we weren’t just able to ‘ask Dr Google’ and how she wrote everything down.. and then lost it.

However she is now sharing her journey and is on a mission to help others feel less alone.

If you are going through early menopause or showing symptoms or if you know anyone else who might be, doing please read and share her blog

You can also follow her on twitter


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