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EP 94: Exercise on Prescription could help you get pregnant

EP 94: Exercise on Prescription could help you get pregnant

Dr Cecilia Kitic, an exercise physiologist explains  how prescriptive exercise could help you get pregnant.

It’s the same rule for women and mens when it comes to fertility, and Dr Kitic talks about multiple benefits.

Dr Cecilia Kitic, Founder The IVF Project

Whilst this might sound obvious, Dr Kitic went through 14 rounds of IVF treatment in Australia,before falling pregant. As you can imagine she spent a lot of time in clinics and noticed a distinct lack of physical wellbeing and nutrition conversations taking place. Dr Kitic explains how when appropriately prescribed exercise and diet can improve the success of fertility treatments.

She feels strongly that everyone should have access to evidence based clinical exercise prescription and dietary advice to improve their chances of conception and I completely agree with her. Especially in the UK where we’re in the middle of a funding crisis with our NHS. Surely if there was a stronger emphasis on wellbeing for anyone trying to conceive we’d see multiple benefits – across all sorts of issues from Obesity to Infertility. 

In our chat you will hear about the evidence based results she has based her app, The IVF Project on. A membership programme, the IVF Project is the world’s first online exercise prescription service for women and men undergoing fertility treatments.

It has a wealth of information as well as research papers available for you to consume and there is also a facebook community 

What you eat also plays a big role in influencing your fertility which is why the IVF Project has a Dietitian onboard to provide scientific dietary guidance that works. 

“If we had a pill that conferred all the confirmed health benefits of exercise, would we not do everything humanly possible to see to it that everyone had access to this wonder drug? Would it not be the most prescribed pill in the history of mankind?” Sallis, 2009
Exercise is Medicine


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