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EP 93: Fancy going to Greece for Fertility Treatment

EP 93: Fancy going to Greece for Fertility Treatment

How about a trip to Greece for your fertility treatment?

Chrysa Karakosta,Lab Director and Patient Liason, New Life Greece

I met with New Life Greece, who were in London to do some 1-2-1 meetings with potential clients and to talk more about their clinic and what they offer.

Research conducted by the clinic looking into the number of people looking into treatment abroad, showed 507,000 searches for ‘IVF Abroad’.

As you’d imagine, there are concerns about going away from treatment,which is daunting anyway and New Life found people’s main concerns were the inconvenience, the language barrier and the level of treatment offered.

To overcome this, New Life have been offering the 1-2-1 meetings mentioned above as well as Skype consultations and in this chat you will hear Chrysa explain how they work.

New Life is based in Thessaloniki, Greece – a 3 hour flight from the UK. It was founded by fertility experts Dimitrios Dovas, Chrysa Karakostra and Afroditi Zisapoulou in 2009 and offers fast and cost effective solutions for IVF using a women’s own eggs, egg donation and social egg freezing

I also spoke with Kirsty Rielly, who is 42 and going through her 3rd round of IVF treatment.

She had her first round in the UK and in this episode explains her decision to go to Greece and how the experience has been for her so far.

At the time of speaking Kirsty was due to be having a frozen embryo transfer just after we spoke, so I’ve got everything crossed for a positive outcome for her and will keep you posted if I hear.

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You can also hear a previous episode I made about having fertility treatment abroad with Caroline Davies and her company Fertility Clinics Abroad

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