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EP 89: An underachieving ovary, a heart shaped uterus and Endometriosis

EP 89: An underachieving ovary, a heart shaped uterus and Endometriosis

An Underachieving Ovary, a heart shaped uterus and Endometriosis.

Sounds like the start of a bad joke! It also suggests a pretty complicated infertility diagnosis wouldn’t you say.

You’d assume there would be no happy ending here.. which is where you would be wrong.  Meet Janita Lawrence, author of The Underachieving Ovary who shares her fertility journey with all its many hurdles.

Janita Lawrence

I’m constantly learning about the numerous ways our bodies let us down from the many conversations I have to create this podcast. My aim is to cover them all, so if you’ve found me to try and get answers there might well be someone else who has been through what you are going through.
When we are trying to conceive I find it remarkable to learn just how many ways we have to deal with the blows, that we completely unaware of existing.
Janita is no exception and her brilliant and enlightening books shares her journey from the diagnosis of a ‘heart shaped uterus’ to diaphramatic endometriosos.
She was basically told by her doctor that it was going to be very difficult for her to get pregnant.
The Under Achieving Ovary is Janita’s story of her longing to be a mother, her frustrations and agony having to  deal with the pain from the Endometriosis and the strain it put on her relationship.
She had given her partner, Mike, the responsibility of her pain management, which put an incredible strain on their relationship.
Janita shared how she managed through the different stages of bad news, where she went to for support and how she managed to stay hopeful despite what was going on.
You’ll hear us mention and  online forum in South Africa called Fertilicare Support, which we think has since been dissolved as Janita has written to me since we spoke to say she can no longer find a link to it online.
She had described it as being such a valuable resource whilst on her journey, that Janita had said she was really sad to see if no longer exists so if you know anything about it do let me know. 
Janita also talked about supplements she used which were Pycnogenal and DHEA. She also tried IV intralipids with all my IVF cycles
To get your copy of ‘The Underachieving Ovary’ is currently an Amazon US bestseller in its category (Fertility) click here and it’s great to hear the book is doing so well.
You can also read a sample from the book here:
  1. The Angry Vaginas 
  2. The Fertility Cave

To find out more about Janita, you can visit her website  and follow her on facebook  and twitter


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