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EP 86: Hope and infertility

EP 86: Hope and infertility

Hope is essential.

When dealing with infertility, it’s almost as vital as patience.  In my latest episode, author Sue Johnston talks about her book ‘Detours – Unexpected journey’s of hope conceived from infertility’
In Detours you will hear the stories of nine  friends who have collectively experienced practically every setback and form of reproductive technology available.  They all met through RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association and are planning to donate a potion of the proceeds from Detours to RESOLVE.  

The group share their lessons learned such as:

  • navigate the infertility maze
  • cope with the stress of treatment
  • balance your career and infertility
  • gain support when you need it most
  • view your challenges through a different lens
  • hold on to hope against all odds
  • find your resolution and regain happiness
In our chat Sue explains about her husband Robert and his struggle with his desire to be a Navy Captain and become a Dad. Her’s an exert from his chapter:  The Balancing Act: Career Versus Infertility by CAPT Robert E. Johnston, USN (Retired)

Captain Robert Johnston

“Wondering about a man’s perspective on infertility?  Not just a woman’s problem, about 30% of infertility is related to male factors. Coping with infertility impacts both partners regardless of cause. Yet few men speak up about their experiences. Men and women handle these difficult issues very differently. This chapter brings some balance to the picture, presenting one man’s thoughts, feelings and strategies as he met the challenges of infertility.
As my wife, Sue, and I traveled the long road of infertility, I was simultaneously pursuing my dream of becoming a Captain of a US Navy warship. As you might guess, these two goals were often in conflict. To climb the career ladder int eh Navy, I had to go to sea, often for six or more months at a time. Sometimes, as did Sue and I, military personnel get posted overseas, where high-tech infertility treatments are unavailable. Sue tells most of the high and low points of our journey in Chapter 1. Here, I’ll fill in some gaps and share my perspective.”
Sue is also working as the infertility advocate and you can follow her on twitter


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