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EP 85: What is it like to be a Surrogate ?

EP 85: What is it like to be a Surrogate ?

Surrogate life  – what is is really like?

Surrogacy UK

Can you imagine being a Surrogate? Do you have lots of questions about it?

Introducing… a brand new podcast series I have produced for  Surrogacy UK, the leading UK not-for profit surrogacy organisation.

It aims to give you an insight into how it’s organisation works and well as dispelling myths associated with the whole process.

To be honest, I didn’t know much at all about Surrogacy apart from talking about it a bit, with a friend who is considering it to complete their family .

This was all to change, when an old school friend Leyla got in touch having heard about my podcast.

Leyla wasn’t able to conceive due to being diagnosed with Vascular Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome ten years ago and you can read more about her journey here.

We talked about creating this podcast series which I have to say has been fascinating to put together.


Firstly I attended one of Surrogacy UK’s conference’s to chat to the four Surrogates you can hear in this episode I’ve shared with you.

It was very apparent from the outset that they were all extraordinary ladies and what was also clear was that the ‘Friendship First’ ethos which is what Surrogacy UK bases itself upon was like a mantra to all involved.. and I mean that in a positive way

You will probably have found a community online, or in a support groups as part of your journey to start to family, if you’ve found it hasn’t been straight forward.

I know it’s been an amazing journey of discovery to see just how many of us are affected by infertility and how we are all reaching out to help each other.

It’s exactly the same in the Surrogacy community and the warmth and love I felt in the room – i know that sounds so cheesy, but it’s true made me feel provilidged to be amongst such people who can open up their minds and their hearts to help others.

If you are considering Surrogacy of have been talking about trying to find a surrogate, please do have a listen to my podcast series

You will hear from Surrogates and their Intended parents, an insight from the fertility clinic as well as getting an overview on the legal issues affecting Surrogacy Law in the UK plus you hear from partners of surrogates about what it is like for them.

So I hope you agree we’ve covered a fair few angles. If  you have any questions just visit the Surrogacy UK website  and you can follow on twitter


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