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EP 83: What is Andrology?

What is Andrology? My episode today takes another look at male infertility.

Dr Sheryl Homa, Andrology Solutions

Dr Sheryl Homa why she set up Andrology Solutions and  the tests she offers men faced with an infertility diagnosis.

We discuss why she believe Andrology is often overlooked when couples are struggling to conceive. It doesn’t make sense, when it provides such insight into male fertility .

Intervention can ultimately help with fertility treatment.

Her clinic Andrology Solutions  whilst situated in London attracts people from all over the world and offers a range of tests.

One of which  is only available at Andrology Solutions tests Oxidative stress levels in semen.  Sheryl explains more about in our chat and what Men can be done to help improve their sperm health.

Sheryl Homa works with Urologists such as Jonathan Ramsay who I spoke to in a previous episode and you can listen to here 

You can also follow Sheryl on twitter


I also spoke with James Docherty who has created the Scantily Dad blog which considering he only started in March (2017) has a tonne of content available sharing his infertility journey as well as lots of fab pictures of his gorgeous family.

James, Olivia, Max and Matilda

From how to improve your diet and fitness, to dealing with the fertility treatment every step of the way, James has literally brain dumped his personal journey for you and personally I think he’s done an awesome job. James has the opportunity as well for you to contribute so if you feel happy to share your journey however don’t want to go about setting up a blog, he is sharing his platform so do get in touch. You can email

You can read more here  You can also follow James on instagram and twitter

If you have any questions about anything discussed in this episode, please do email me and I’ll do my best to point you in the right direction.

Until the next time

Natalie x



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