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EP 82: Is Laughter Allowed when dealing with infertility?

Do you think laughter is allowed when dealing with infertility?

A resounding yes from me. I loved escaping into some hilarious comedy shows during my injection phase, taking my mind of the overwhelm associated with what was going on. Giving me a little bit of light relief, during the constant wondering of why this had happened to us..

Meet Wendy Litner, the producer of upcoming web series, How to Buy A Baby  – about an  average 30 something couple that expected to just have sex and get pregnant but it didn’t go that way. Wendy has created her characters Jane and Charlie to not just be focused on this one thing but more of how this intersects into the other parts of their lives like their relationship, their sex life, work and everything else.

Jane and Charlotte in ‘How to Buy a Baby’

Wendy has made a point of being ‘in your face’ with the emotions running through this, with the couple coming out and saying the unexpected about what is going on with them which is so refreshing and entertaining.

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My second guest is Lori Shandle-Fox, stand up comic and author of Laughing is Conceivable which is available on Amazon UK and Amazon. Lori had triplets in her 40’s and re-tells her route to parenthood in such a compelling way, from how she was made to feel as a more ‘mature’ mother to the questions asked about her triplets, that you’ll be sure to go and grab hold of her book.

Lori Shandle Fox

You can follow Lori on twitter here

Both women highlight the importance of putting some lightness into this shitty situation and how it could really help you feel less alone.

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