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EP 172: Looking for an International Egg Donor?

EP 172: Looking for an International Egg Donor?

My Guest Robin Newman talked about dealing with Unexplained infertility and how it changed her life. 

How she spent 17 years trying to get pregnant spending every penny

and was told she had ‘Idiopathic infertility’  which meant everything perfect in every test but I never got pregnant

Every single month was heartache and it ended my marriage, I was aged 43. I lost my home in the divorce, my job ended, so I left the country. Eight months later – I went to S.Africa and their medical society is phenomenal and I came onto the idea of egg donation, we became the first egg donation programme

About Global Egg Donors

It is an egg donation program specializing in the coordination of Egg Donors, Intended Parents and Clinics spread throughout the world. They assist you in finding and reserving a healthy, young, intelligent donor of any ethnicity. The Intended Parents they have helped since 2001, are located in over 50 countries, and have gone to clinics we recommend in at least 9 countries. There they have found exceptionally high success with our egg donors who have also travelled from many countries, to help them build a family.

The Global Egg Donors Team, a band of strong women

Dedicated, determined and efficient, they are small group of women are experts in the field of international egg donation. They are also your counsellors, confidants, friends, co- workers, guides throughout the planning, procedure and for years after. Each person is driven by passion and guided by mutual values and integrity. Together the team balance each other’s strengths providing support in all areas for both Egg Donors and Intended Parents.

To find out more visit the website 

Here’s the episodee I referred to about my current situation which I shared at the end of 2018, if you are having implications counselling or would like to reach out about what to do with your frozen embryos, please email me 

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