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EP 167: A few words from my heart

EP 167: A few words from my heart

New Year’s Eve… Eve… can you tell I’ve had one too many?

So we’re nearly at the end of 2018 and so I’m sharing this episode right out of my head, something I’ve not done before.

I wanted to bring you up to speed on our decision of what to do with our frozen embryos of which we have three, as this year has been a realisation that our family unit of three is enough for us.

As you’ll hear me explain in this episode, I’ve been seeking advice from a counsellor at Chana and am planning to start having implications counselling in 2019 ahead of donating our embryos to science and I plan to document this for you to help you and me, understand what actually happens.

It’s been emotional and you’ll hear me get upset, so apologies as I don’t want to upset you, you’ll also hear my son Phoenix saying hello which I hope you don’t mind. This is as unedited an episode as it gets.

I’m taking a break in January and will be back with my Alternative Parenting series in February but please do keep in touch with me via the socials.

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