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EP 166: Cause you’ve gotta have faith…

EP 166: Cause you’ve gotta have faith…

What happens to your faith when it comes to infertility?

Merry Christmas, as we have one more sleep to go and it’s the time of year where normally, families get together and eat, drink and be merry. However if you’re life seems upside down due to fertility treatment or the focus you have on trying to get pregnant, it can seem like the last thing in the world you need right now.

Sheridan and Merryn Vosey

I’m sharing this episode on Christmas Eve, and I know it’s a tricky time of year for so many people for so many reasons, so I wanted you to hear a story that you could potentially relate to and would help you.

My guest is Sheridan Vosey who I met in May 2018 at Fertility Fest was someone who when I heard share his story, I knew I needed to talk with him on this podcast. Sheridan and Merryn went through ten years of infertility, before reaching the point of deciding to stop trying, they were also cruelly given a false positive at this time of year by what can only be described as an incompetent clinic and Sheridan talks through how they reached the point of accepting that enough was enough with the treatments and the false hope and how they pair needed to decide on their plan B.

Unfortunately, I’ve not been able to share the full interview with you, but it is almost in its’ entirety and I will be speaking to Sheridan again, plus you can read Sheridan and Merryn’s full story which  is told in the memoir Resurrection Year: Turning Broken Dreams into New Beginnings which you can buy here on Amazon US or Amazon UK

Their story was also turned into a documentary called A Journey Through Broken Dreams and you can find out more about Sheridan and the seven book he has so far penned as well as the next one, due out in March 2019 here 

Watch the full 30min film here  or you can watch a 7min condensed version here

You can also see Sheridan talk about men and childlessness on BBC News here:

Follow Sheridan on twitter here and on facebook

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