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EP 163: The Downside of The Overshare

EP 163: The Downside of The Overshare

Jules Furness

Thank you to my latest guest Jules Furness for sharing her story in my latest chat. We talked about how she dealt with a diagnosis as a teenager of Premature Ovarian reserve and then her decision to adopt. Jules started vlogging as a result of her Hubby being in the army and she wanted to share with him and once she overcame the fear of posting online she realised how much support was out there. That said Jules recently had some nasty comments on a post she shared about failed IVF and considered taking her content down. But she slept on it and read through the amazing comments from you, telling how she had helped you feel less alone and came back fighting!

This is what I wanted to talk to her about. Jules and I also talked about the shame associated with failed IVF cycles and her experience of treatment abroad, which wasn’t good, in fact the clinic chose not to tell her about a polyp that had shown up, on a scan. Instead, they told her they thought she might be pregnant, which considering the diagnosis Jules had been living with since she was 15, was completely overwhelming.
Check out all of Jules blog and products here and to follow her online here is her  Instagram, Facebook and YouTube 
I mentioned my directory The Ultimate Fertility Guide as a place to find more resources
Also my closed facebook group Talk Fertility 

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