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EP 162: Psychological wellbeing and fertility

EP 162: Psychological wellbeing and fertility

How do you feel about the connection between your body and mind during your fertility treatment?

Russell Davies

This episode is an insight into how far it can go, with my guest Russell Davies explaining the personal development work he did on himself after the eight-year struggle he and his wife had with infertility. I almost fell off my chair when he told me that nobody ever tested him! Once the pair had reached a point where his wife who had been dealing with PCOS for many years and got her cycle sorted, they thought they were ready to go. But it still wasn’t happening. Only at this point was Russell tested and the results were so poor the consultant asked him whether he had been exposed to high levels of radiation!

Russell talked about how he embarked on a four-month journey to improve his result, using acupuncture, making lifestyle changes, monitoring his alcohol intake and wearing baggy pants.. yet the next test showed an even worse result and the pair were preparing themselves for ICSI (Intracytoplasmic sperm injection)

He closed down emotionally, not wanting to burden his wife and so our chat was to highlight the importance of lifting a lid on our emotions, especially men who are all to often left to feel they need to ‘be a man’ in these situations and don’t talk.

Find out about how you can try to open up and find a place of peace without giving up on what you are wanting to achieve. We talked about accepting where you are today and how that does not mean you don’t want it to be different tomorrow.

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