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EP 159: The Dangers of Unregulated Sperm donation

EP 159: The Dangers of Unregulated Sperm donation

Here is the adoption article I mentioned 

and my guest from last week Katy Lindemann’s eloquent response

Dr Larisa Corda is a fertility specialist passionate about natural care for fertility treatment which is all about the more holistic approach. She has a fab new website launching soon which she told me about and Larisa is going to be a new guest on my podcast in the coming months giving her tips and tricks to get yourself in the best place possible when trying to conceive. In this episode w and we discuss Unregulated Sperm donation after Larisa was involved in a BBC documentary highlighting the issues for women using unregulated websites to find a sperm donor have been harassed and sent photos of miscarriages. 

There are strict criteria for NHS artificial insemination and many women say private treatment is too expensive, so they turn to the internet. One woman told how a potential donor she met turned out to be married and had had a vasectomy.

Dr Larisa Corda has been calling for unregulated sites to be shut down. 

Online sperm donation is not illegal but it must be provided free, although expenses can be covered. Some online donors offer artificial insemination (AI) and others natural insemination (NI) – effectively unprotected sex with a stranger. ANYONE, can join a sperm donation website claiming to be a genuine sperm donor. There is a complete absence of screening. Donors do not have to prove that they have altruistic intent, they may simply be there for their own sexual gratification.

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