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EP 158: The Notebook of Doom

EP 158: The Notebook of Doom

I loved Katy’s description of The Notebook of Doom, even though it is tinged with sadness….

Katy Lindemann

Meet latest guest Katy has created a community called The Uber Barrens ClubKaty is working on a book, which you’ll hear all about to document the struggles we go through during our infertility investigations and is looking for stories. We spoke in detail about Katy’s complicated infertility struggle. 

Fertility Checks

Despite being aware something might be up with her fertility, due to irregular periods and having a fertility MOT at 28 – what happened to next to Katy flummoxed leading fertility experts. 

When Katy was diagnosed with PCOS she was told her ovarian reserve was great, so whilst there was an issue it was one that couple potentially be managed. By 33, on a visit to a gynaecologist it Katy then discovered her PCOS had gone as had all her eggs. 

Katy was told she was ‘hurtling towards premature ovarian failure’. We talked about how Katy found incredible support in a wide range of online forums, some of which we’ve listed below: 

Fertility communities

Some non-secret Facebook Groups:

There are lots of groups that we’ve not included in here and Katy is happy for you to contact her . For example there are groups for surrogacy, donor conception, male factor, endometriosis, PCOS and these were just some of the ones Katy had found. You can contact Katy on twitter here  and Insta here  and you can read her fab blogs here 

Find a Fertility counsellor

If you want to know more about the questionnaire for Katy’s book project it’s here  (anonymous questionnaires for both the female and male perspectives) Katy also wanted to share her consultant’s information which you can acces here

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