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EP 157: Sperm Count is drastically on the decline, so what can we do?

EP 157: Sperm Count is drastically on the decline, so what can we do?

When it comes to Male Fertility, there’s so much to talk about in today’s episode we’re getting under the skin of sperm issues… it’s the science bit, discussed by two male fertility experts.


There is a lot of information in here from discussions about the surgery that can be performed to assist with sperm blockages to explaining how we can overdose with supplementations when we’re trying to improve our health.

Dr Muhammad Akhtar

Dr Muhammad Akhtar is a  highly experienced Consultant Gynaecologist and an accredited sub-specialist in reproductive medicine, Muhammad specialises in male infertility, andrology and 3D gynaecological scanning.

Dr Akhtar explains how men who have any medical conditions in their youth, such as diabetes or high blood pressure or need hormone treatments, should have a fertility assessment early as their sperm health might be better earlier and they could freeze samples. 

He also explains how men make sperm every day, therefore, all lifestyle impacts such as diet, stress, smoking, heat exposure. It’s important to remember that the sperm has been there for 60-70 days. This needs to be made clearer to men. 


 Dr Akhtar talks about how it can be good and bad that men can take too much or change their lifestyle too much if they’re making salads, eating kale…he advises that you need to choose carefully.  Find out more about Manchester Fertility here 

Arm Raheem

My second guest is Amr Raheem a consultant Andrologist, at Andrology London who I spoke to further about male infertility issues and the surgery that can be done when there are issues regarding sperm retrieval.

Amr Raheem

International Andrology London

offers the latest treatments in men’s healthcare. As a member of the International Andrology (IA), an international collaborative network of the leading practitioners of Andrology its doctors are experienced Urologist-Andrologist surgeons. We discussed how there are three categories of sperm issues: 


If there’s a problem in the way the ‘factory’ is working


If there’s a blockage somewhere, even though the factory is working, so it’s preventing the sperm to come to the outside


Eg. Sexual action, some men have weaker action, some ejaculate too soon, some have a small penal size or curvature

Find out more about the fertility services available here  Follow on twitter here and facebook here 


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