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EP 151: Are you there God to tell me why I can’t have a baby?

EP 151: Are you there God to tell me why I can’t have a baby?

 Yvonne John talks about her book ‘ Dreaming of a Life Unlived’

I met Yvonne at Fertility Fest 2018

She gave me a copy of her book ‘Dreaming of a life Unlived’ which I read in almost a single sitting and tears were shed. This is what we talked about in this episode. Yvonne is 44 years and 9 months old and on her journey of finding her plan B.

12 months ago, Yvonne  learnt that she would not become a mother which took her by surprise as it was something that she was not prepared for. Yvonne explains

‘Becoming a mother…

is a natural and expected part of being a women, for as long as I could remember people were asking when will I have children. Well I got married and 5 years on that time never came and my hopes and expectations were rapidly replaced with grief, a grief that I found hard to comprehend.

That was the start of my journey, the start of me discovering a life without the children I hoped for. So welcome to my story and thank you for being part of my journey, complete with the tears and joy. Thank you for joining me on my road to finding my plan B…’

 In this episode, I mentioned a previous chat I had with Robin Hadley about Men and Childlessness 
This is a link to The Unborn Child session from Fertility Fest where Steph Phillips, founder of World Childless Week and Robin Hadley both spoke
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