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EP 143: Would your younger self have tested your fertility?

EP 143: Would your younger self have tested your fertility?

Modern Fertility offers a simple test empowering women with fertility awareness

                   Afton Vechery and Carly Leahy


I first read about Afton in an article in Linked In, which was talking about the funding her company Modern Fertility had secured for their work. I thought what she was doing sounded fascinating and contacted her asking if she’d like to talk more.

Delighted when she quickly replied to say she was a fan of my podcast and would love to talk, so we got something set up. Speaking to Afton and Carly, co-founders of Modern Fertility it’s not only clear how passionate and smart they are, but they really can’t believe the gap in the market they have found. It seems to obvious that we SHOULD know this kind of information about our egg reserve and fertility health but the harsh reality is most women don’t.

Afton explained about how the work she had done enabled her to learn about the science and business of fertility. She was working within a fertility clinic she was able to speak to numerous women who hadn’t been told that fertility declined with age or they IVF could solve everything for them. Carly has a background working with Uber and Google – creating things to help people in their everyday lives so the ladies have a really awesome combination of skills they have pooled together and the result is something very exciting.

We spoke about the FEMI the Fertility Measurement Index, which is, in essence, a score that a woman will get once she has completed the test and it’s something that we can keep track of every 9-12 months to monitor our fertility health. Could we reach a point where our awareness of our FEMI is something we speak about as easily as discussing our dress size? It would be a brilliant thing if we could don’t you think? 

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