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EP 141: Why you should have therapy before you start fertility treatment!

EP 141: Why you should have therapy before you start fertility treatment!

Firstly do make sure you’ve liked The Ultimate Fertility Guide on facebook as that is the very exciting home of our live stream interviews where you get to ask experts questions and we’ve got some brilliant people coming up for you to hear from.
I’ve released two different interviews today, talking about the support available for you, when going through fertility treatment. Have a look at my facebook page for the podcast as I was talking to Jo Carwardine and Sandra Bateman who set up The National Fertility Society to help more of us get access to really great fertility counsellors. The ladies are at ESHRE at the moment which you will hear more about in this episode. It is a big industry event with lots of scientists, consultants, embryologists, pharmaceutical companies charitable bodies, support groups all coming together to discuss and hear lectures about the industry. In an ideal world, I would have been there reporting for you, but I couldn’t get there. next time Gadget!!

Shahira Kamal, Managing Director

I also spoke with Shahira Kamal from The International Clinic London about her work as a psychotherapist and how she helps people dealing with infertility. Shahira talked about how important she feels it is that people know how fertility treatment will impact on their life as it does take over. We talked about a lot of people become distracted, fatigued, how there can be physical symptoms. It can mean missing work or family events and that routines get disturbed, appetite and sleep affected, it puts a strain on your relationship and how most of us don’t realise any of this before we start.
You can follow Shahira on facebook  and twitter and linked in

I also caught up with Cat Strawbridge @tryingyears  who is at ESHRE   the industry event happening in Barcelona at the moment to find out what she was up to as Cat was there on behalf of Fertility Network UK 
Cat shared the following link to research by Nuffield Health,  which is a call for your participation in some much-needed infertility research which you can access here  It’s asking the question what should infertility research focus on next…


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