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EP 140: The Expert and The Joker

EP 140: The Expert and The Joker

This is Karen, aka Hilariously Infertile as you may well know her on
Instagram where she’s built an impressive audience of over 40k followers despite being told by a publisher who she approached about her book that there was no market for what she was trying to do.. well she sure has proven otherwise. Karen is going down the self-publishing route and whilst this process is happening she’s been sharing excerpts of her upcoming book ( out in August hopefully) via her website which can read more of here 
You can also follow her on Facebook  or Twitter
Thank you Karen for introducing me to the term ‘wanded’ You need to listen to hear more! 
I also spoke with James Nicopoullus from The Lister who gave me the most concise interview ever as I quizzed him about the expectations people have when they go to The Lister. It has an amazing reputation and I know as my pal had her twins there. James spoke to me about AMH levels and low ovarian reserve as well as how they are The Lister is there for its patients no matter how many years pass before they return for a second or third child. 
You can follow The Lister here on: 

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