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Ep 139: The Great Fertility Book Review!

Ep 139: The Great Fertility Book Review!

Meet Amber who writes a brilliant blog  She’s my new guest book reviewer and makes her debut sharing some of the many fertility books she has read so far.


As you can see she has quite a collection and I’m hoping we get to work our way through them, however, Amber is 31 weeks pregnant after being on her #TTC journey for three years. She was only diagnosed with #PCOS once already on route to start her first cycle of IVF despite having pretty much self-diagnosed herself with it.

Amber had been told by her GP that she wasn’t fat or hairy enough to have PCOS and it was only once she was being seen by fertility specialists that the PCOS diagnosis that Amber suspected was qualified. Sadly a common story it seems.

We discuss four books:

Get A Life: His and Hers Survival Guide to IVF by Rosie Bray and Richard Mackney

It Stats with an Egg by Rebecca Fett

Six Months to Change the World: Eat Right During Pregnancy to Fight Obesity and Diabetes from the Very Start by Pierre Dukan

And I spoke about Jessica Hepburn’s new book, 21 Miles which you can win a copy of via my instagram 

If you’re interested in any of these books, please use the links on this page.

To follow Amber on Insta you can find her here and to read her blog click here  and if you want to drop her an email click here 



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