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EP 135: Why you need to be a PCOS Diva

EP 135: Why you need to be a PCOS Diva

                          Amy Medling

Amy Medling is on a mission to make sure her 9 year old daughter makes good choices with her food and understands that it is a form of nourishment. Amy’s mother and Grandmother had PCOS as does her sister so she has a lifetime of experience living with it and managing it.

Her new book PCOS Healing  is a 21 day plan for you to follow and having flicked through the pages, there is so much information for you to work through. Knowing how many women spend years without a diagnosis, Amy’s book will be welcomed by many.

Amy is a certified health coach and her book is the result of over a decade of her experience, both personal and from the women she has helped. After being told at 18 that she was going to have to ‘jump through hoops’ to conceive, Amy proved her doctors wrong and wants women to realise there is hope when dealing with PCOS.

With advise on how to start you day to what supplements to eat Amy’s chat was a real insight into how misunderstood PCOS is. I learnt that women with PCOS have a better egg reserve and can get pregnant well into their 40’s we well as reaching the menopause later.

You can follow Amy on twitter here  and she’s on all the main social platforms which you can access via her website

Amy talked about supplements and at the time of publishing I’m just waiting for some additional info from her on them, but here’s the names of what she spoke about :

  • Letrozole
    Peony licourice
    N-Acetyl Cysteine

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