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EP 134: TTC Support Day by Day

EP 134: TTC Support Day by Day

If you’ve just started listening to my podcast, you might have found it on Apple Podcasts, from google or maybe Instagram where the #TTC community is growing and growing.

This is Alice Rose aka @ttcsupport_daybyday  another lady making waves on Insta with her support, her stories and she has written a book which I wanted to talk to her about.

We had a chat a few weeks ago and then met this weekend at Fertility Fest  which I can’t really do justice in what it achieved this weekend. I will be sharing a dedicated podcast episode and also Alice is creating some exciting audio content which I will be sharing with you at a later date. For now what I will say is check out the live streams I hosted from the festival and you can catch up on here 

I’m constantly amazed and touched by the people I am meeting in the #TTC world and how they are helping other people. Alice created a hashtag #ttclookforbeautysuch a simple idea but such a lovely one and it’s had me stop and think as I go about my day to day business and try and administer a little bit of self care which I hope you will do too.

In our chat, Alice talked about how she’s been working on her nutrition and had met up with a previous guest of mine Melanie Brown   do have a listen to our chat

I also mentioned how you can support this podcast continuing by becoming a patreon, a brilliant way podcasters are getting support from their loyal audience. If you’d like to buy me the equivalent of a coffee a month in return for my content, you can here 

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