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EP 127: Want to know more about using a donor to start your family?

EP 127: Want to know more about using a donor to start your family?

Donor Concierge find egg donors and surrogates and help people with all that comes with it. I wanted to hear from Gail Sexton Anderson about how the 12 year organisation works and it’s pretty special the lengths they go to to find a match. 

Gail talked to me about how when she first started working with Intended Parents (IP’s)  she could she how it was such a big leap to go from being able to have a biological child to working with a donor that they needed a good support network along the journey and she created her organisation to provide just that. 

She describes how she wanted people to feel comfortable moving forward, especially if they were from a particular ethnic group and wanted a specific match. There was no reason or them to feel marginalised as to what was available

Gail is passionate about educating people, saying how ‘people don’t know what they don’t know’ IP’s will go into it with certain assumptions and there are so many hills and valleys and pitfalls that people run into, we can help navigate those pitfalls”

Donor Concierge have a tool box of how to deal with it . Gail explains how they advise IP’s to not get your heart set on one person.  She explains how there’s always going to be compromise…

Her staff are trained to talk through the process.  Obviously as Gail explains ‘We can’t make the decision for them but we can help them to answer some of the questions of find out more information to help make a decision’ 

It’s important to know that donor databases don’t change dramatically there will always be new candidates and it takes Donor Concierge about 2 weeks to go through over 80 agencies and share the possibilities with IP’s.

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