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EP 117: Looking for an alternative route to parenting?

EP 117: Looking for an alternative route to parenting?

Pride Angel is a membership site helping single, same sex and heterosexual couples have families. I spoke to co-founder Erika Tranfield about her reasons behind creating the site. Erika wanted her child to know their their father’s identity and be involved in their life, the amount of contact would depend on many factors, such as do we agree on similar parenting styles and is our child happy to have occasional contact, as ultimately it is all about the child’s wellbeing.

Erika explained what the site offers from guidelines to checklists of what people need to think about as well as health screenings and access to fertility law advice. 

Pride Angel hold events for people to meet and share experiences as well as sharing research on issues affecting people looking to go down the alternative parenting route. 

The site also work with production companies to help them raise awareness on issues such as co-parenting and they are working with Finestripe productions who are making a three-part series, being which will follow those who are keen to conceive and raise a child with a platonic co-parent. They hope those taking part could benefit from advice offered by legal, financial and fertility experts who are already involved in the series.  The world of co-parenting is predominantly online, so Finestripe are inviting those who are serious about co-parenting the chance to meetup in person, hopeing this offers a chance to share experiences and advice and meet other people like you.

Finestripe are looking to hear from: People seeking a co-parent, co-parents who are trying to or have conceived, co-parent families. If you are interested please email

Alternatively if you are thinking of having a baby with anon anonymous sperm donor or a man considering sperm donation and want to be known to your future child, RDF Productions want to hear from you. Email


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