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EP 114: Find out how to make an optimal plan your fertility

EP 114: Find out how to make an optimal plan your fertility

ivary describes itself as the fertility hub of the 21st century, designed to offer all the information you need along your fertility journey.

This caught my attention and I was keen to find out more about this new company, launched in April 2017. 

ivary makes make cutting-edge scientific research relevant, accessible, and human. Giving you important information and recommendations towards understanding your fertility and your reproductive health, no matter what stage of life you are at or what your goals are.

I spoke to Co-Founder Silvia Hecher about how her background and her passion for science led her to create this home testing kit, empowering women with knowledge about their fertility health meaning they can plan ahead. 

Silvia Hecher founded ivary because, as a fertility coach, she saw firsthand that women lack substantial information about their health and fertility. She previously worked for 13 years as a medical journalist with an emphasis on gynecology, and she also has experience in knowledge management in the field of Evidence Based Medicine. She is the mother of two girls.

ivary is a home testing kit currently availble in Europe and soon to be launched in the UK and US. It measures your AMH level, but the results you get are much more than just a number. In conjunction with your lifestyle and medical history, it uses your AMH value to tell you where you stand compared to other women your age.  It also offer insights into when you are expected to reach the end of fertility and menopause. Based on your personal measurement and goals, the specialists at ivary then point you towards resources and next steps for the future.

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