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EP 112: How a diagnosis of MRKH led Andreia Trigo to support women all around the world

EP 112: How a diagnosis of MRKH led Andreia Trigo to support women all around the world

I met Andreia Trigo by chance, whilst at The Fertility Show in London.

I was actually on route to the loo and her ‘fertiligram’ frame as you see below caught my attention.

As you will hear in our chat, Andreia is a remarkable woman. I know I say this a lot but I’m constantly finding more and more inspirational folk, overcoming the issues thrown at them by infertility.

Having found at 17 she had Mayer Rokitansky Küster Hauser (MRKH), which meant she had no uterus and her vagina was short. Andreia had to digest an incredibly hard diagnosis. It had come after she’d been waiting for periods and at the same time,  she also found out she needed surgery to reconstruct her vagina. 

Can you imagine, being a teenager thinking about exams and boyfriends / girlfriends and then having to deal with this. I certainly can’t. 

It was a tremendous blow as a teenager and as result, Andrea made a decision that she wasn’t going to let this define her in the wrong way. Instead she was going to set to work to overcome it and achieve a meaningful life regardless of her circumstances. Which is exactly what she has done.

Andreia talked to me about how MRKH affects women causing them to be very ashamed of talking about it, having to deal with so many questions. How their identity is challenged as it their self worth. She has set up secret facebook groups where she is able to support women all over the world. 

In cultures where having children is considered vital, being unable to fulfil this role leads to young women being ostracized by their family which of course is devastating and has huge mental health impacts. 

The title of one of her books ‘The Formula to not giving a f**k about fertility’ gives you an insight into her character 

After spending decades studying to become a nurse and learning essential coaching techniques she helps women cope with coming to terms with infertility and helps them come up with a plan, offering support every step of the way. Andreia has also now reached her own peace of mind, where she is in a happy place about her future after years of struggling to work out how she was going to live her life. 

You can find out more about her work here 

You can also follow her on facebook here  

On twitter here 


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