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EP 111: Dr Jane Stewart discusses ‘unexplained infertility’

EP 111: Dr Jane Stewart discusses ‘unexplained infertility’

Have you been given a diagnosis of ‘unexplained infertility’?

I see a lot of talk about this in facebook groups and have had friends finding it so hard to deal with. My latest episode is a chat with Dr Jane Stewart who is part of the Newcastle fertility team. She has spoken about this topic most recently at The Fertility show and I was keen to ask her more about this label that is put on couples trying to conceive.

Dr Jane Stewart

Jane talked about how humans aren’t brilliant at making successful pregnancies, it takes time and we need to remember that, but of course it’s hard when people around you are getting pregnant and you are not. 

Jane shared some fascinating statistics. 95% of people under 35 will conceive with the first two years but 75% will in the first six months, so people get anxious about it as its all they see.. it’s understanding what is normal. 

I think we have a real issue with our family planning and fertility education and there are important messages not being conveyed. For example , if you want to be 90% sure of having a single child in your family you need to start at 32.  If you want a 75% certainty of having three children in your family you need to start trying at 22. I found this astonishing and something I’d never heard before, and if I had – my life probably would have been very different. 

I also mentioned Adam Balen in my podcast, who is the current chair of The British Fertility Society and you can hear our chat here

You also will hear me speak about IVF Babble and their brilliant pineapple pins and their hashtag for social media #IVFstrongertogether. Here’s me in my pin and here’s my chat with the founders of IVF Babble 

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