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EP 107: Dealing with Bereavement, Cystic Fibrosis and Infertility

EP 107: Dealing with Bereavement, Cystic Fibrosis and Infertility

Sorry for the slight delay with this episode, I’ve been in London at The Fertility Show which was great and if you’ve been thinking about going, in this chat with Jessica Jones you’ll hear how it helped her and her husband make a few decisions along the way.

Jessica writes a blog called Infertility and Life which I highly recommend you have a look at, not only due to how organised it is with all the different situations Jessica has had to deal with, it also as you will hear her explain, has been an amazing support network for her and her husband whilst on this journey.

Jessica Jones

We talk in detail about her journey so far in which Jessica and her husband have both suffered a loss, Jessica’s husband was initially diagnosed with Azoospermia and later found out he had Cystic Fibrosis. You will hear Jessica describe how the pair have overcome the initial shock of her husband being infertile.

How a surgical procedure has meant that he now has frozen sperm samples enabling the pair to continue to try for a biological child.

Jessica discussed her disbelief at being refused treatment by a clinic due to their success rate apparently being too low for the clinic’s ‘Moral Code’. Against all odds the pair continued to ask questions and push for answers, moving clinics and speaking to more experts. You will hear how Jessica and her husband are a testament to making sure you are empowered with knowledge, every step of the infertility journey.

Jessica also told me about  how hard she and her best friend had worked to maintain their friendship and you can read her blog post on it here 

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