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EP 105: Find out more about Klinefelter’s Syndrome

EP 105: Find out more about Klinefelter’s Syndrome

Have you heard of Klinefelters Syndrome and want to find out more?

My latest guest is Raj Baksi, Vice Chair of Trustees and FB Coordinator of The Klinefelter’s Syndrome Association (KSA)

Here’s a picture of Raj, which he wanted to show himself rowing in a Cornish gig in the sea & river in Newhaven, East Sussex because Klinefelter’s (KS) is often poorly represented online and many people believe KS lack upper body strength and cardiovascular fitness to be able to  participate in physically active sports, which is not true in many cases.

In this fascinating chat Raj talks through how this common congenital condition is found in around 1 in 600 live male births and is caused by the presence of one or more additional sex chromosomes.

Chromosomes are genetic material. Males typically have one X and one Y chromosome (XY) and females have two X chromosomes (XX). Klinefelter’s Syndrome is characterised by the presence of an additional chromosome (XXY).

Sadly as Raj explains, there is a big problem with KS not being very very well known in the medical profession and therefore Men aren’t being diagnosed early enough or if they are, they’re not being told in a very sensitive way. Raj himself was told very impersonally that he was infertile.

When we know Men aren’t great at speaking about this kind of issue, to hear that the information is communicated very bluntly is sad to hear. Raj manages a closed  facebook page which has people all around the world talking about their issues and concerns related to their KS diagnosis and details for the private facebook page are here and if you would like to email Raj directly you can using this address

Here a link to the Fertility Network episode Raj mentioned in our chat as well as one he has written for the Huffington Post




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